Implementing and evaluating complex interventions, new technologies, and business processes in healthcare is complex and demanding. This website offers a set of conceptual tools and explanatory models (Normalization Process Theory, or NPT) intended to support the work of implementation and evaluation. If you are a researcher, clinician, manager, or someone else who has to practically implement and integrate some form of innovation, this website could help you think through the processes involved. It offers three resources:

* A toolkit to help you think through your implementation/evaluation problems, and a quick introductory guide to the toolkit that you can download

* An outline of NPT's basic concepts, and an introductory powerpoint that you can download.

* An introduction to  ways to use NPT in research, along with links to key journal articles and book chapters, and - as we collect them - examples of studies and evaluations that you can download.



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May, C., Murray, E., Finch, T., Mair, F., Treweek, S., Ballini, L., Macfarlane, A. and Rapley, T. (2010) Normalization Process Theory On-line Users’ Manual and Toolkit. Available from [Accessed on ].